Because Let’s Be Real…We’re Strange In Our Sleep

This week, we sat down to discuss the topic of dreams. Isn’t it odd what our brains can create when we’re asleep? It’s something that all of us have been fascinated by in the past, hence the reason why we wanted to discuss it on the podcast. Like, what does it mean when a giant chocolate bar is trying to squash you and your friends? And why is it that when you’re just getting to a good part of a dream, you wake up?! Thanks brain, I was just having fun spending my millions and you rudely interrupted it with an alarm.

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Bennett (Laura Bennett) asked us all for a couple of dreams that she could do a little background research on before recording the podcast. She came up with a pretty good, detailed analysis of each dream, and let’s just say, they were certainly an eye-opener.

It was a mixed bag when it came to the dreams, probably the most terrifying yet delicious dream was Hannah seeing a giant Toffee Crisp but wait for it, it was moving towards Hannah to crush her and her friends. We get the feeling that she had simply been craving a Toffee Crisp chocolate bar that day…

Are you flying backwards?

Hannah also spoke about how she could lucid dream and had perfected the art of afternoon napping. Lucky woman.

Maria had a very active dream where she was surrounded by a lot of hunky, hot men, compared to Natalie who…well let’s just say was lacking in the men department altogether when it came to her dreams.

‘Everyone starts singing. It’s like a scene out of High School Musical.’

Speaking of Natalie, her dreams make us think she needs to lay off the cheese before bedtime. If it’s not her teeth falling out in dreams, it’s seeing a faceless man across a river. SPOOKY AF.

‘Maria stop taking all my men from the dream!’

Hannah also mentioned that she did a lot of flying in her dreams and Bennett had some suggestions about what that could mean. She also asked Hannah if she was flying backward. Who flies backward in their dream?!

‘Like a Willy Wonka river. It was going to be this this glorious thing’

And finally, Laura Jessop Rendle spoke about a reoccurring dream she has about walking down a street, passing people who have football foam sized hands but the rest of their bodies are in proportion. Interested to find out what Bennett unpacks from that weird visual you’re having right now? Well, you’ll need to listen to the podcast to find out.

‘Imagine football foam hands but as real hands.’

I think it’s safe to say that whether we dream regularly or not, the dreams themselves can be pretty out there. We learned a lot and we will definitely be reading into our dreams more often from now on.

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