Because Let’s Be Real…Not All Friendships Work Out


Well hello! Welcome to the Because Let’s Be Real blog. This is the place where you can catch all of the gossip from the latest podcast. Five real women, five real lives, a host full of real talk.

As it’s our very first podcast, this week’s episode is all about friendships. How we became friends, how we stayed friends and how we find making friendships in life, as well as the hard hitting blow when friendships simply don’t work. Kicking off week one is our host Natalie Redman, the queen who made us realise just how badly we needed a podcast in our lives.

Look how darn cute we all are!

We all love a chat, so much so that our conversations often last hours and hours, but don’t worry we have condensed them all for you – keeping our editing team on their toes!

So, just to introduce ourselves briefly, we have:

Natalie Redman – A freelance blogger/content writer and the next TikTok star.
Laura Rendle – Our giraffe-loving entrepreneur.
Hannah McCarthy – The casting director you all want and need.
Maria Wyles – The book and film nerd every group needs.
Laura Bennett – The craft’aholic business venturer.

“We’ve managed to survive the test of time!”

After almost nine years of friendship, we are still learning new things about each other. No one stays entirely the same, we change as we grow so friendships need a certain commitment to keep up to date with each other. We know that we will all be there at the drop of a hat if needed, that is what true friendship is, being there for each other unconditionally.

“I’m like a Koala I’ve clung to you now – I’m not letting go!”

We use the first part of the podcast to reminisce about how we all met and became friends from nights out to living together, and how we managed to stay so close after Uni, even with a slight drift when we all moved away from each other.

“We ran around the house in nothing but a pair of knickers.”

Laura and her BRIGHT red hair, and matching dress the first time she met Natalie. I mean, it’s a look?


“Does she know I’m naked?”

Remembering what it was like living today and all the crazy antics we got up to had us in absolute stitches. Do you ever feel like you know someone too much? nah? nor us!

“Boobs all over the place.”

The fateful bin night – who is this man and why are they holding hands? haha!


It is so important to see the difference between friends and fake friends which can often affect your mental health. There are people who you give everything to, and get nothing in return. We recognised that we all have people like that in our lives and only you can decide when it’s the right time to cut those people out for good. It’s a very biter sweet feeling losing a friend but gaining your self worth.

“The little people from Primary School.”

Remembering friendships from University or secondary school and even primary school that we still keep in touch with. Friendships are hard to hold onto when you are all at different places, or at different points in your life.

“I really took for granted living with my friends.”

Some of us still have close friendships with some of the first friends we made, while others had drifted as they’ve grown. Most of us have people out there that we have lost contact with or that life has managed to get in the way of, but we know that they are still our friends.

“We made the effort to see each other outside of uni life.”

We touch on difficult topics with everyone experiencing those parts of their lives differently.


“That definitely effected how I make friendships now.”

Reunions are a fantastic way to rekindle old friendships, we were all lucky enough to reunite with many of our friends as well as each other at Nat and Sam’s engagement party.

Such a happy and joyous occasion to celebrate two people that we love so very much.

Spot Gareth “not a whore” Tilly in the pictures above!

We would love to hear if you have those special friends that you can’t imagine life without. Let’s celebrate all of the friends out there! upload a picture of you and your main squeeze and don’t forget to hashtag #blbrpodcast and tag us @becauseletsbereal or send us a message about how you’re planning on reuniting with your friends after Covid-19, because let’s be real… life would definitely suck without them. So, get tagging…

Thank you, everyone, for listening and reading, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed recording it! Don’t forget to subscribe, here; to our podcast and our social media channels to make sure you never miss an episode. We really have covered it all for you – from friendships and navigating your 20s, to crazy dreams and normalising periods!

Five Real Women,
Five Real Lives,
Endless Real Talk.

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