Because let’s be real… we all have guilty pleasures, quirks and bad habits

“We’ve got a humdinger for everyone today!”

Well hello! Welcome back to Because Let’s Be Real… with episode number 4! Today Hannah is hosting an absolute humdinger of an episode talking us through guilty pleasures, quirks and bad habits; from hand washing to

“That is the worst imagery i think i’ve ever…”

We asked you to send us yours via instagram @becauseletsbereal and you guys did not disappoint! We laughed, we cringed we talked about vaginas and willy’s way too much and swooned over Tom Hardy. We’ve got a bowl for each category and entries from you guys, us girls and our partners, so let’s delve in…

“Do you do the willy wobble?”

In classic COVID style, the first entry from one of you wonderful lot was all about hand washing – we hope you’ve been singing your happy birthdays – a big no no from us was not washing your hands after going to the toilet, are any of you guilty of this?

“I don’t want to use the word vagina or willy.”

Now, we weren’t aware of who the anonymous people sending them in were, or whether they were male or female in some cases – this left a lot to the imagination and a lot of pee tips for that sticky situation where you’ve just pee’d and then dun dun duuuun… there is no toilet paper!

“You can’t shake it dry, Laura!”

Does anybody else have a quirk where they just know the most random stuff and you leave people looking at you like ermm? I’m sure Laura (Jessop Rendle) loves your useless knowledge Jake, always good to be on a quiz team with you! But sometimes it is odd to see the random answers people come out with – Laura Bennett had a great point to add to this…

“I know random words”

I think it’s safe to say that within our friend group we don’t have that person who just know’s everything – unless you count google as a mate, which let’s be real.. we all should because how lost would we be without it?

If you are one of those people who is filled with wonderful, but useless knowledge – let us know how you do it! Are you just super absorbent with new information or do you have a photographic memory?

“If i ever go to a museum i just look at the pictures i don’t read the text”

The next submission Hannah pulled out of the bowl was ASMR – now if you don’t know what this is then i strongly recommend you pause reading here, pop open another tab and Youtube ASMR. Then come back here and just comment one word based on your experience!

ASMR is, to put it short and sweet, people whispering into a microphone, usually a highly sensitive microphone which picks up on the smallest of sounds. It can be calming sounds, people talking or even people eating – which we were all torn about.

“You know what really turns me on when it comes to ASMR?”

Natalie delved into her love of ASMR while Laura and Maria were less easy to convince. Until it came to talk about Tom Hardy and Chris Hemsworth that is.

“excuse me i’m just going to take a bit of time for myself!”

Not strictly ASMR, but still, who is going to turn down listening to Tom Hardy’s Ceebebies Story Time. Wait you haven’t seen them? Ok, if you don’t have kids we can’t totally blame you, but again. Pause here, get back on youtube and search that shit up!

“Read me another one Tom, I’ve sent the kids to bed”

One of the classic bad habits, one where Hannah dropped Elliott right in it, is leaving plates next to the sink/dish washer or putting things next to the bin. Now we are so quick to point the finger at our male partners for this, but make sure you listen to the podcast to find out which one of us girls is just as bad with this habit!

“After a week she left five pizza boxes under my bed”

Food is another topic which we can definitely say hold some bad habits. Our host was the center of attention when it came to this. Most people classically resonate with Joey from friends famous quote “Joey doesn’t share food” Well Joy would just have to if he was friends with Hannah!

“Hannah is like an actual dog when it comes to food”

Let us know if you’re that person who lovingly looks to your squad for food scraps or even name and shame your friends that do this – send them this blog or even our podcast as a gentle nudge if you’re not sure how to approach it, Hannah didn’t seem to take it too badly – haha!

So we may need to start recording these sessions via video rather than just vocally because the amount of times we refereed to how each other looked is quite funny. Let us know below if you think we should start recording them, or even start a Youtube channel?

We went on to talk about taking pictures of your hob before you leave the house/go to bed and discussed barricading doors before you sleep. Are you a doors fully opened or fully shut kind of person?

“I’d rather slowly stew away in my own sweat”

Two guilty pleasures that we absolutely did not agree with as being guilty are watching Arthur and the Disney Channel! From watching Disney Channel originals to learning the dances from High School musical we covered it all and with the (relatively) new release of Disney+ we’re all able to relive our youth and revisit our favourites.

Definitely not something we’re feeling guilty about!

“It’s cringe but so good!”

As you can tell, we had so much to talk about from this podcast, so much in fact that we have had to do a PART 2!! Make sure you’re following to ensure you don’t miss out on the second part of this weird and wonderful discussion.

Also, thank you so much to everyone who entered our giveaway – Hooray we have a winner! Well done @verma_cheena who won the HUGE bundle of goodies we had up for offer. Make sure you get in touch with our instagram account so we can send you your goodies!

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See you next week.

Because Let’s Be Real…We’re Strange In Our Sleep

This week, we sat down to discuss the topic of dreams. Isn’t it odd what our brains can create when we’re asleep? It’s something that all of us have been fascinated by in the past, hence the reason why we wanted to discuss it on the podcast. Like, what does it mean when a giant chocolate bar is trying to squash you and your friends? And why is it that when you’re just getting to a good part of a dream, you wake up?! Thanks brain, I was just having fun spending my millions and you rudely interrupted it with an alarm.

Image Source

Bennett (Laura Bennett) asked us all for a couple of dreams that she could do a little background research on before recording the podcast. She came up with a pretty good, detailed analysis of each dream, and let’s just say, they were certainly an eye-opener.

It was a mixed bag when it came to the dreams, probably the most terrifying yet delicious dream was Hannah seeing a giant Toffee Crisp but wait for it, it was moving towards Hannah to crush her and her friends. We get the feeling that she had simply been craving a Toffee Crisp chocolate bar that day…

Are you flying backwards?

Hannah also spoke about how she could lucid dream and had perfected the art of afternoon napping. Lucky woman.

Maria had a very active dream where she was surrounded by a lot of hunky, hot men, compared to Natalie who…well let’s just say was lacking in the men department altogether when it came to her dreams.

‘Everyone starts singing. It’s like a scene out of High School Musical.’

Speaking of Natalie, her dreams make us think she needs to lay off the cheese before bedtime. If it’s not her teeth falling out in dreams, it’s seeing a faceless man across a river. SPOOKY AF.

‘Maria stop taking all my men from the dream!’

Hannah also mentioned that she did a lot of flying in her dreams and Bennett had some suggestions about what that could mean. She also asked Hannah if she was flying backward. Who flies backward in their dream?!

‘Like a Willy Wonka river. It was going to be this this glorious thing’

And finally, Laura Jessop Rendle spoke about a reoccurring dream she has about walking down a street, passing people who have football foam sized hands but the rest of their bodies are in proportion. Interested to find out what Bennett unpacks from that weird visual you’re having right now? Well, you’ll need to listen to the podcast to find out.

‘Imagine football foam hands but as real hands.’

I think it’s safe to say that whether we dream regularly or not, the dreams themselves can be pretty out there. We learned a lot and we will definitely be reading into our dreams more often from now on.

Five Real Women,
Five Real Lives,
Endless Real Talk.

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Because Let’s Be Real… Covid-19 Has Changed The Way We Work.

Well hello there. Welcome back to the Because let’s be real podcast blog. This weeks podcast was recorded at the height of lock-down with our very own train napping legend Hannah McCarthy as host. It was a very easy decision to talk about this topic because lock-down has dramatically changed how we all work, much more for some, but still, this pandemic has greatly affected everyone and taught us that sometimes being at work helps a lot. 

“I’m a little creative sausage’
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Because Let’s Be Real…Navigating Your Twenties Is Tough

Well hello again! Welcome to our second podcast – how exciting. Today’s episode is all about the highs, the lows and everything in-between. Hosted by our beautiful Laura Rendle; or as we like to call her: Rendle, Jessop, Lau… any of the above. She takes us back through our 20’s which some say are the highlights of life. It’s time to make mistakes, travel the world and live vicariously!


“You don’t know you’re in the good old days until they’re gone.”

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Because Let’s Be Real…Not All Friendships Work Out

Well hello! Welcome to the Because Let’s Be Real blog. This is the place where you can catch all of the gossip from the latest podcast. Five real women, five real lives, a host full of real talk.

As it’s our very first podcast, this week’s episode is all about friendships. How we became friends, how we stayed friends and how we find making friendships in life, as well as the hard hitting blow when friendships simply don’t work. Kicking off week one is our host Natalie Redman, the queen who made us realise just how badly we needed a podcast in our lives.

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